Give Without Reason

Who We Are

Sussie [suh-see]
(N.) A small gift, given for no particular occasion other than love and friendship.

Founder and CEO, Liz Miller is bringing a lifelong dream to reality. Inspired by her mother’s endearing collection of demitasse cups, Liz has always had a passion for finding thoughtful, specialty gifts for her dear friends and family. Our goal at Sussies is to source unique and exciting products that aren’t readily available on the market. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or looking to pick up a sweet little something just because, we hope to be the place you come to find hidden gems and special treasures for the ones you love the most!

What We Believe

When we began to brainstorm what we dreamt of Shop Sussies becoming, we analyzed the gift giving process. What used to be an exciting and enjoyable task has over time become tedious and stressful. We realized we tend to repeat the same few items over and over. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a nice candle, there is a limited assortment of gifts that we gravitate towards. Everyone likes candles right? Very true. However, we began to meditate on this concept of gifts that most anyone would enjoy and realized this can go far beyond wine and candles. So why are we sticking to the same few gifts for every gifting occasion. We decided these items were convenient.

Thus, we aimed to make convenience a pillar of our business model. We have spent the last few months collaborating with artists, small businesses and local craftsman. We have scoured the internet to find the coolest, most innovative or exciting products on the market. We have poured our hearts into sourcing the best gift collection so that you can enjoy the art of gift giving again without the hassle and stress.

We believe a thoughtful gift can make a much larger impact than we often consider. Sending a small treat to someone you’ve been thinking of could really turn their week around. When energy and joy are put into a gift, it can become a treasure that will be cherished for a lifetime.


LIZ MILLER (Founder and CEO): Liz has been dreaming of Sussies becoming a reality for many years now! She is the inspiration, the mastermind and the passion behind Shop Sussies!
LAUREN FISHER (Buyer and Marketing Director): Lauren helped Liz bring Sussies to life by curating our unique and exciting collection! In addition to finding product, Lauren developed content, designs graphics and handles the logistics of Sussies!
PAM ADAMS (Assistant Buyer & Development Director): None of this would be possible without Pam. She keeps us on tasks, conceptualizes new ideas and makes the magic happen!
Sussies Circle

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